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The Galliane™ ebony frog is a fundamental evolution in the classical bow design, that gives more stability to the bow and allows a more natural arm movement at bowing. The hair, in wider contact with the strings, calls the instrument overtones. It reveals the qualities and balance of a fine bow stick. Ease at playing opens to a more sensual, malleable and focused sound.

Created by Master Bowmaker Benoît Rolland, the Galliane™ concept is simple: the bow hair sits at an angle at the frog. This design responds for the first time since Francois-Xavier Tourte's original design to the ergonomics of string playing technique, and to the musician's natural arm movement.

The Galliane™ violin frogs will be available in three different models for all strings instruments in 2013-14 (patents pending).

The musician's natural arm movement tilts the bow while it moves across the strings, thereby lifting the hair ribbon away from the strings at the frog. At that point, with a conventional frog, the musician often play on an edge of the hair ribbon, which reduces stability, sound volume, and increases the difficulty of playing near the frog.

The Galliane™ frog gives a slight helicoidal motion to the hair ribbon that now follows the performer's arm physiology. The bow hair sits at an ergonomic angle of 15 degrees at the frog, and a wider surface stays in contact with the string, 'hugging' it from tip to frog. Miriam Fried noted that a bow fitted with the new angled frog was more stable and developed more sound. Anne-Sophie Mutter remarked on its increased traction.

The bowing technique remains the same; weight and balance in the bow are the same. With improved control, the musician senses better the interplay and response between the stick, hair, and strings. More precision and control means the performer can engage more securely in Spiccato and Staccato parts. Stronger traction augments the sound volume and reveals the instrument's overtones because it increases the amplitude of the string's vibration. After playing a series of concerts with Galliane, Julian Rachlin commented that the angled bow hair expands the range of sensations that transfer from the instrument to the player, increasing the potential musical expressiveness of the performer and the fullness of the sound. Aleksey Igudesman appreciated its immediate response and versatility.

The frog can be fitted to any existing stick including fine historical bows. All adjustments are made on the frog, leaving the stick untouched. A musician can have both a Galliane™ and a conventional frog for one stick and swap between the two at any given rehair.

A fine bow is an artwork that combines sound, sculpture and sensation; it is a both a tool and a jewel. An artist as well as a bow expert, Benoît Rolland values the tradition of beauty in fine historical bows. Galliane and Galliane 441 and are two modern designs, whose pure lines complement the timeless elegance of the bow. Galliane is Benoît Rolland's avant-garde design with a geometrical ferrule. Galliane 441 is harmonized to the smooth lines of a historical bow, and bears a round ferrule. Each frog can be fitted with mother of pearl or silver lining, and comes ready to be installed by professional bow and violin makers. Galliane 15 is a half-finished conventional version of Galliane, opening numerous options for bow and violin makers to finish the frog in their own style.

All models are made by Walter Paulus GmbH, manufacturers of fine bow parts in Germany since four generations. Benoît Rolland designed Galliane™ and brought his expertise to its quality. More than forty-years of expertise as a bowmaker stand behind his design, alongside the contribution of great soloists and pedagogues. Their comments greatly and patiently helped bring the concept to its maturity.

From concept to production, we share a concern to protect the environment and a sustainable future. The materials used come from legitimate sources and from decades-old wood that has been stored with considerable care at Paulus Company. Galliane™ frogs are made in fine ebony and silver mounted. Benoit Rolland continues his research for substitutive materials of concert quality.

Galliane models are available through your violin and bow maker who will advice you and fit the frog to your bow.

For more information about Galliane™, visit galliane.com

Violinist Hand Galliane

Playing Galliane™ Violin Frog

Galliane On Bow

Galliane™ 441 frog on bow


Galliane™ frog on bow


Galliane™ 441

Galliane 2

Galliane™ Frog


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