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In the recent years, Benoît Rolland published:

Rethinking Rehairing, Journal of the Violin Society of America, Fall 2008, Vol. XXII, No 2

Peccatte, The Strad, June 2008, Vol. 119, No 1418, p. 69
Focus on a cello bow by Dominique Peccatte

Packaging bows for transportation, The Strad, Trade Secrets, January 2008, Vol. 119, No 1413 p. 60 to 63

Innovation in Bow Making, Journal of the Violin Society of America, Fall 2007, Vol. XXI, No 2

Peccatte, The Strad, May 2006, Vol. 117, No 1393, p. 67
Focus on a self-rehairing violin bow by Dominique Peccatte.

Trick of the light, The Strad, June 2005, Vol. 116, No 1382, p. 65
Focus on a violin bow by Etienne Pajeot, circa 1840 and his use of mother-of-pearl to a stunning effect.

Flawed Perfection, The Strad, November 2004, Vol. 115, No 1375, p. 1173
Focus on a viola bow circa 1840, by Persoit who produced great art from unpromising materials.

Sound Investments, The Strad, June 2004, Vol. 115, No 1370, pp. 590-595
Revealing the logic behind a collection of bows, a study of Stephen Kates’s collection of cello bows.

Sticking Point, The Strad, June 2003, Vol. 114, No 1358, pp. 614-619
Understanding the making of a bow in relation to its musical behavior: first study ever published of the bow stick in use, from its musical function to its inseparable attachment to the musician’s body.

Bow Heirs, The Strad, April 2003, Vol. 114, No 1356, pp. 368-373
Looking into the history of French bow making: how the traditional apprenticeships of Mirecourt nurtured generations of bow makers.

The playing parts of the bow: focusing on the stick, Journal of the Violin Society of America, 2002, Vol. XIX, No.1
Proceedings of 2002 VSA Convention.

And: Journal of Acoustical Society of America, Dec.1994, Vol 96, No 6, Bow for a String Instrument

Upcoming publications:

Alternative Materials in Bowmaking” (French and English versions), in: The Conservation and Restoration of Stringed Instruments and Bows, 3 volumes, 1,500 pages, Tom Wilder Editor, Ed. Pau-Brazil Conservation Initiative, Montreal, 2007 - 2008
As a pioneer in developing the carbon fiber technology for bow making, Benoît Rolland reflects on its origins and studies how innovation shaped the history of this craft.

Reprint of The Sticking Point, in The Conservation and Restoration of Stringed Instruments and Bows, ibidem


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