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Personalized work with musicians

Professional musicians from orchestras and chamber music ensembles, worldwide, compose the core of Benoît Rolland’s clientele. Now mostly receiving commissioned orders, Benoît studies each musician’s playing style and instrument, before creating a bow. He regularly attends rehearsals and performances; fluent in music reading and listening, he can evaluate the technical difficulties and bowing requisites of any particular score.

As a former young violinist, Benoît has an easy dialogue with students: he allows time for young musicians and follows them as they develop their technique. At the Studio, very young players also find attention and advice on all information they wish to seek.

Many music students later pursued other careers, but keep giving time to music practice. Amateur string players are welcomed at the Studio.

Collectors and investors have a different dialogue with Benoît : their commissions allow the creation of unusual pieces. Collectors help keeping some bows untouched as references for the future.

Rolland’s work with Soloists

Central to Benoît Rolland’s work has been his collaboration with major soloists of this 35-years period. Designing bows to the requirements of outstanding musicians impacts the evolution of bow making far beyond the project of a single bow.

Benoît is preparing a book where he will speak of his experience.

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