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Rolland's concept of sound and playability

Rolland bows are made with a particular sensation at playing in mind, a definite tone and a specific musicality. Benoît Rolland works closely with Musicians and personally meets with each of his Clients.

The bows reflect Rolland’s experience in music, his bow making concept applied to selected woods, but also best reveals the presence of the performer. Each bow has a soul and a history. Benoît Rolland often says: “A bow is not born until it is played. I know that my task is accomplished when a musician forgets the bow in her or his hand, and only feels the music.”

Over the past years, Rolland continued refining his concept of sound in a bow. He is now able to predict it and design a bow that will generate a determined range of sensations and vibrations (sound spectrum) in interaction with the instrument.

He also increased the capacity of the bow at playing, its versatility for achieving difficult bowings.

The volume of sound projected without loosing any of the musical articulation and quality is a noted feature in Rolland’s bows. Benoît Rolland regularly meets with soloists and concertmasters in symphonic halls to test and compare bows.

With the musician at the studio

Receiving the Musicians by appointment only, Benoît takes time to dialogue with each of them individually and studies their playing styles as well as their instruments.

Benoît Rolland listens to each of his Clients’s project and to their own approach to music. He pays attention to particular demands and, if possible, helps with shortening delays of commissions.

It is important to come at the Studio in order for Benoît Rolland to listen to you and dialogue with you. You will be able to try the bows then available, but the goal will be mostly to determine with Benoît the type of bow that you need.

Communicating through your recording

If it is not possible for you to visit the Studio and you wish to commission a bow, Benoît Rolland can study your playing from a recording (audio CD or DVD). Benoît , who has perfect pitch and musical practice, trained himself to visualize with extreme precision the playing style of a performer while listening to an audio recording.

Commissioning a bow

Commissioning a bow does not imply an increased cost: designing each bow for an individual Musician, more than a service offered by Benoît Rolland, is a pleasure that he likes to share with his Clients.

Collectors may commission bows with a different perspective: it may be the creation of an art piece with exclusive features (in the design or adornment of the frog, for instance); it may be commissioning a body of work (a quartet for example); it may be for keeping an exceptional bow unplayed, as a reference for the future: such projects reach high investment values in time.

For Benoît Rolland to schedule the making of your bow, we simply ask for 10% deposit of the agreed price. For more details, please call or e-mail the Studio.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies each new bow.

Benoît Rolland likes to check each new bow after the first year of playing. This service is part of your purchase price. After your purchase, you are always welcome to contact us with questions.

In their diversity, it seems that musicians playing Rolland bows share a certain approach of life and music, where devotion to art, and human generosity have a great part. We thank them for their confidence.

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Cello head in process

Fitting the frog and the button

Personalized gold mounted bow
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Trio Bow - Year 2000

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