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Innovation has been a constant part of Benoît Rolland's work. His improvements to the bow as well as fundamental inventions contribute to the traditional wood bow and also to synthetic bows.

Rolland's main contributions so far to evolving the classical bow are:

- Galliane™, in 2013: concept of a frog that sets the bow hair ribbon at an angle.
A frog, for the first time in history, is conceived for the string playing technique and the musician's natural arm movement. It can be fit on any existing bow; it is a fundamental evolution of the classical bow.

- Spiccato® a carbon fiber bow of concert quality, in the early 1980's.
The bow associated two levels of innovation: a new technology in synthetic materials and a revolutionary mechanical concept that allows the musician to adjust the camber of the bow stick at will.

Benoît continues his research on substitutive materials. He also designs new functional concepts for bows. He also creates new aesthetics for the bow and frog.

To mention just an example of improvement, Rolland systematized in his bows the inner brass lining of the end stick that Persoit and Pajeot once sketched on a bow. The lining prevents the risk of frog breakage that occurs when the frog adjustment loosens as the wood wears off inside the stick under the action of the screw.



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