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Take a Bow, Pucker Gallery, November 14, 2019

Meet the Makers, Tanglewood Learning Institute Linde Center, July 5, 2019

The Art of Bowmaking, Music Technology Series, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, March 31 2015

Keeping Life in a Legacy, Macarthur Foundation Chicago, Oct 24, 2014

Meet the Makers, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Oct 22, 2014

A frog with an Angle: Galliane, Violin Society of America and The International Violin Competition, Indianapolis, September 2014

Master Class, Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, USA 2014

Music and the Bow, New York University, December 4 2013

Galliane Angled Frog, EILA Convention Boston, May 31 2013

Master class, New England Conservatory, Oct 11, 2012

Bowmaking as Art, Voksenasen Academy, Oslo, Norway, August 2009

Designing a bow toward a particular playing style, EILA Convention, Phoenix, May 7, 2009

Introduction to bows, Regional Conservatory of Music, Ponta Delgada, Portugal, October 15, 2008

Master class, Boston Conservatory, March 2008

The Violin in America: Old World Tradition, New World Sound, Museum of Making Music, San Diego, Experts panel, February 23, 2008

Introduction to the world of bows, Boston Conservatory, Boston

The Art of Bow Making, Ventfort Hall, Lenox, Berkshires, 29 November 2006

Rethinking Rehairing, Violin Society of America Convention, Baltimore, 9 November 2006

Master class, at The Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, 1 March 2006

Shifting Paradigms in Bow Making, Violin Society of America, Philadelphia, 11 November 2005

The Luthiers’ Know-How, a Source for Scientific Research, Panel with J. Curtin, Physics & Music Symposium, Washington DC, 28 October 2005

Bow Making to Playing, Longy School of Music, Boston, 26 September 2005

The Foundations of Contemporary Bow Making, EILA Convention, Palma de Majorca, 26 May 2005

Bowmaking: A Contemporary Art Form, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 16 October 2004

The Playing Parts of the Bow, Violin Society of America, Cincinatti, 17 November 2002

A Bow with a View, Musicorda, Massachusetts, 11 July 2002

Screening the French Tradition, American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, Boston, 9 April 2002


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