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Benoît Rolland® and Spiccato® are registered trademarks on the Principal Register of the United States Trademark Office.

Patents covering the Spiccato® tension mechanism are in force in eleven countries, including the United States (U.S. Patent No. 5,323,675), Asia and Russia.

All the texts and photographs (including the content of this website) are copyrighted and, except as noted, originate from Benoît Rolland and his Studio.

Rolland’s bow designs, intellectual property and web domain names are protected and monitored.

Certificates signed by Benoît Rolland authenticate his bows.

Counterfeits and fakes of Rolland bows have happened to show up on the market: we have used our best efforts to expose them as such when they came to our knowledge and we will continue to do so. Many reputable shops can authenticate bows for you; Benoît is always happy to authenticate one of his bows at no cost. Yet, we recommend that musicians be cautious, particularly in their purchases over the web.

We appreciate your collaboration in keeping the market of bows safe and sound. In return, we respect our colleagues’ work as well as our clients’ privacy. Please contact us with any questions regarding our bows or our intellectual property policies.

Benoît Rolland is an advocate of intellectual property and for artists’ intellectual property rights. As both an artist and an inventor, he educated himself in legal matters, both in Europe and the United States, successfully defending his rights in legal disputes on two continents.

Art work and invention are vocations and endeavors that take over the life of an individual while bringing something new and valuable to the world. Such accomplishments require time, peace, and some measure of protection and support. Often, the artist finds he himself is his own and sole support; stories of hard life are infamous! Benoît Rolland went through all stages of the experience, from self support to solid protections. Along the way, he also met patrons of the arts and lawyers who show a real consideration for what art and innovation bring to our world; they made possible continuity and progress.


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